Soke Jenkel-Peters

Soke Jänkel-PetersSoke Joachim Jenkel-Peters
10.Dan Jiu Jitsu/Ju Jutsu
7.Dan Aiki Jitsu
6.Dan Judo & Kobudo.

Martial Arts since 1958 (boxing) and since 1963 on the mats. Member of german national team Judo and leader and co-founder of 4 big matial arts organisations.

Combining the styles of Jiu Jitsu/Ju Jutsu, Judo, Aikijitsu, Tai Jitsu, Karate and Kobudo in his own system and school of ”Jopedo”.Doing seminars between 25 and 30 weekends per year in all parts of the world. Was trainer in 116 countries on all continents. Now president of World Budo & Kobudo Federation.