Gunter Bauer

Soke Gunter Bauer

Soke Gunter Bauer

10 dan soke

Soke Gunter Bauer 10 dan accepterade 2004 posten som teknisk rådgivare inom Gake Dojo. Här följer en kort biografi:

Gunter Bauer has been studying Martial Arts for over 40 years under some of the world’s finest Masters of Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do, Kempo, Karate, Jujutsu and Tai chi, in which he holds various Dan grades. Mr Bauer Soke 10th Dan is the founder of Ki-Bushi-Ryu Close Quarter Combat Systems. Ki-Bushi-Ryu Close Quarter Combat Systems is recognized Internationally as a legitimate Self Protection System in its own right.

Mr Bauer is also a 8th Dan Grandmaster in Hapkido and Korean Thai Boxing. His grades being registered in Korea with the Hwal Moo Hapkido Association whose President is Grandmaster Moon Byoeng-Tae, a 9th Dan in Hapkido and Thai Boxing. Grandmaster/Soke Bauer is also a trained bodyguard and has studied with Dennis Martin, Lofty Wiseman and Marcus Wayne, of the C.Q.B. He is well known throughout Europe for his seminars on Close Quarter Combat and Self Defence and is a Technical Advisor to various organizations including PS5, which specializes in all types of defensive aspects, both commercial and military.
Grandmaster/Soke Bauer has very strong links and works with some of the finest Martial Arts Masters in the world, including:

~ Elre Montaigue, Tai chi Master.
~ Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu, 10th Dan.
~ Ron Carlson Hanshi, 10th Dan.
~ James Muro Hanshi, 10th Dan.
~ Andy McGill Soke, 10th Dan.
~ Dveed Nadan Hanshi, 9th Dan.

He founded the Close Quarter Combat International Hapkido Association in 1980 and
the Close Quarter Combat Systems in 1990.

Grandmaster/Soke Bauer has worked as a security supervisor and close quarter protection officer for many years. During this time he developed, in conjunction with many colleagues, the Close Quarter Combat Systems to deal with extreme violent situations.