Andy McGill

Soke Andrew McGill

Soke Andrew McGill

10 dan soke

Soke Andy McGill 10 dan accepterade 2003 posten som teknisk rådgivare inom Gake Dojo. Här följer en kort biografi:

Started in the martial art of Judo in 1969, Aikido 1970, Karate 1970, Michi Shin Kenpo under the tutelage of Okimitsu Fuji in 1970, Wing Chun 1971. Studied over a hundred and fifty different styles of eastern martial arts, including Malaysian and Philippine arts [ notably Arnis]. Many Chinese and Japanese arts, also European arts such as Savate, Cumbrian wrestling, Greco Roman, Russian Sambo and other styles of wrestling and boxing arts.I have also studied some arcane arts from the west including ‘single stick’ fighting and ‘Le Canne’ English and French walking stick techniques [but have no claim as to proficiancy]. I have also achieved black belts in Tomiki Aikido, Ki Aikido, Wado Ryu Karate, Judo, Budo do, Aiki-Jutsu, Zen shin do Karate, Ken-Jutsu, Hapkido, Goshin Ryu ju-jitsu, Ki-Jutsu, Okinawan Ko-Budo, JuJitsu and Kenpo.

At present I hold a tenth degree black belt in Kenpo and a fifth degree black belt in Hapkido, all the rest I am Shodan.

I have been nominated as the Grand master teacher of the year for the second year running by the Soke Family hall of fame in Florida.

I have been a competitor in both Judo and Aikido for ten and a half years, [now retired] and have won medals in most national and area championships up and down the country. I achieved bronze medal in the European Judo championships, and have been all England Aikido champion. I was also team captain for the Akido squad when the European Wu Shu team challenged the Aikido team to a contest the ‘Golden jacket’ at the Elephant and castle sports centre London [we annihilated them, we lost one bout out of thirty-two!]. And also instrumental in the destruction of the unbeaten Japanese Waseda University Aikido team when they visited England [they were great sports about it and good friends].

I have travelled extensively all over England, teaching Kenpo from Cornwall in the southern tip of our island, to the Isle of Man, to the very north in Inverness in the Scottish highlands, Yorkshire and all ports of call in-between. We have spread the word of Kenpo all over Europe, and have taught in most towns and cities in Germany, Holland, Belgium, also in Switzerland, Lichinstien, Luxembourg, Andorra, France, Canary Islands, Spain, and Poland. I have taught all European nationalities in both eastern and western Europe.

Teaching at Al Tracy’s first ‘gathering of the eagles’ seminar in Las Vegas in 1999 [the top 1000 Kenpo masters in the world were invited] with some of the legendary Kenpo masters from around the world, was a great honour. Teaching at Hendon [police college] teaching at Sandhurst [army officer training] was fun.

Over the years we as a group have raised many thousands of pounds for children’s charities, mainly The Great Ormonds street children’s charity. Both in England and Europe, We Have performed in the theatre [at Greenwich in London] have performed demonstrations at garden parties and galas, too numerous to mention [in front of royalty on more than one occasion]. We have also supported European causes and have done Martial arts demonstrations for Euro Sport [ IUMA Belgium]. Charity shows all over Germany for ‘kinder cancer’ and others in Berlin, Koln, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Twistringen, etc] I have written many articles for the ‘trade’ magazines, and even did martial arts demonstration on the radio!

I am also president for England of the Hanns Von Rolbeck International KI federation [Bavaria Germany]. President [England and joint vice for world] for the International Budo Federation [Cologne Germany]. I.U.M.A. [International union of martial arts Belgium] southern England representative. World president, for Kenpo Kwai International.

There is lots more but I do not want to bore you.