GAKE DOJO (Jujutsu and Kobudo)

Gake Dojo was founded as late as 1994 by Johan Pettersson and consists of a number of schools in the south of Sweden. Gake Dojo’s main activity is to practise jujutsu as self-defence, but we also run courses in the traditional arts of budo.

Gake Ryu Jujutsu

Gake Ryu Jujutsu is a modern self-defence system founded 1998 by Johan Pettersson. Gake Dojo applied this system as its jujutsusystem of self-defence. The system is based on the thought of using as little violence as possible without lowering one’s efficiency.

Swedish Taijutsu/Jujutsu Federation

The STJF was founded 2002 and Johan Pettersson is its current president. STJF has about 20 member dojos and allmost 15 differnt systems.

Institute of Japanology

The Institute for Japanology is a foundation with a purpose to promote the economic development and the cultural exchange between Japan and Sweden. This is done through research, publication and education within japanology.

The foundation is working on a non-profit basis and if any profit is made it will be used for the foundationÕs proclaimed projects.

Alf Roslund, Johan Pettersson and the now deceased expert on Japan, Robert von Sandor, founded the Institute for Japanology in 1991. The present administration of the Institute consists of the above-mentioned founders and Kjell Lindberg, who is a specialist on Japanese art.

Johan Pettersson shihan 7 dan

Johan Pettersson started his training for Clas Bjurestig (renshi 6 dan) in the Jujutsu school of Klippan. He was in 1990 graded 1dan in Go shin Jitsu Ryu of Skåne by Yamaue (soke 10 dan) and Clas Bjurestig. Johan Pettersson stayed in the Jujutsu school of Klippan until 1992. 

Membership etc

Honary member in Kihaku Dojo (Saalfeld, Tyskland)

Member i Sugawara Dojo ( Japan)

Swedish representee Kenpo Kwai International

Swedish representee Close Quarter Combat System 

Swedish representee International Taiho Jutsu Federation

President Swedish Taijutsu/Jujutsu Federation

President Swedish Taiho Jutsu Federation

Vice President International Taijutsu/Jujutsu Renmei

More information

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